Lerryn Ki-Aikido

Ki-Aikido is a dynamic Japanese physical art developing the mind and body.

Rather than fighting, ki-aikido uses the partners energy and momentum without creating conflit. From an initial attempt to grab the exercise will swiftly end with a throw or imobilise.

The Japanese concept of ki is cental to the practice. Execises are performed by directing the mind rather than physical force.

The practice is suitable for both sexes and all ages from 14 up.

We practice every Monday in Lerryn Memorial Hall.

Contact: Richard Morris, Tel 01208 872966
Email: rich@singsurf.org

Lerryn Ki-Aikido, is part of the Setsudo Ki Aikido an independent association of Ki Clubs based in Cornwall and Devon. Other clubs run in Liskeard, Tavistock, Buckfastleigh, Exeter and Totness.

Aikido roll