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Richard Morris

Interactive geometry programs, mathatical programming and mathematics tuition.


A Java library for parsing, evaluating mathematical equations.

Core Jep
Jep is a small fast mathematical parsing and evaluation library. It suports various datatype including, BigDecimals, strings and complex number and has a wide rang of built in functions. It is highly customizable allow diferent syntaxes for equations. I am co-developer and its available from
Jep Extensions
Jep Extensions is a set of extensions to Jep which add symbolic operations, fast evaluation, a type system allowing evaluation using matrices and rational numbers, limited structured programing and conversion to MathML.
GWT Jep is a javascript version of the core Jep library using the Google Web Toolkit.
This simple calculator is made using `Jep/GWTJep

More extensive examples can be found in Jep Console, Extensions Console and the plotting apps to the left.


Explore the 17 symmetric wallpaper patterns.

tesselated imagetesselated imagetesselated imagetesselated image

Mathematics tuition

Interested in private mathematics tuition in south-east Cornwall? I offer tuition at all ages and all levels with an emphasis on engaging the student and exciting the students:

My son has just finished his GCSEs and I had a fantastic tutor, Richard Morris, who taught him for 1.5 hours per week for about 12 wks before his exams. From really disliking maths he now really loves it and found his exam straightforward. - Di Baker MentOrg


the cube-octohedronicoso-dodecahedrongreat dodecahedron

A collection of uniform polyhedra in rotatable 3D.

picture of a brain


a cubic surface

Cubic surfaces

All the surfaces defined by cubics equations.

a double rocker linkage

Four-bar linkages

Interactive example of linkages.

Cover of the Whitechapel 1600-1800 book


My father Derek Morris's page on Early Modern Stepney History. With details on his research into Mile End Old Town, Wapping, and the East End of London in the 18th and 19th centuaries.


Some javascript experiments developed using jsfiddle.

My public Fiddles

And a JavaScript extension

Other Stuff

Los'Samba Samba band based in Lostwithiel and Lerryn, South East Cornwall.

Merseyside Dock Action me being arrested at an Earth First! action in the early 90's.

Moon phases long term variations in the length of time between full moons.

TabSwitcher a Google Chrome Extension which add a drop down menu showing all your open tabs and lets you switch to them.

A simple graphics program for teaching geometry. My local village website, which I help administer.

Lerryn Setsudo Ki Aikido the Aikido group I teach.

Harpur Hill Resident Association A community website I've helped build.

Flash Gravity Game simple game in Flash, made using open source tools and raw action script.

You can find me on Wikipedia (Salix alba), Facebook, (YouTube), and Slashdot (pfafrich).

I worked with Plants For A Future a charity investigating the wide range of useful plants which can be grown and ecological systems of growing. I still work a bit with the Cornwall Site near St Veep, Lerryn, Lostwithiel, Cornwall.

I have a stackoverflow accounts on the main SO, maths and arduino stacks. profile for Salix alba at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

Email for comments.

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