Richard Morris

Curriculum Vitae

Date of Birth: 5th July, 1965
Nationality: British

1 Lerryn View
PL22 0QJ

Tel: Home 01208 872963
Mob: 07858 385 357

Key Skills

Work Experience

Aug 2021 - March 2023

HE Program Manager

Cornwall College, Camborne

  • Program manager for IT degree programs and BTEC IT program
  • Taught Programming Units on the Foundation Degree and BSc Program

Aug 2021 - March 2023

Program Manager - BTEC IT

Cornwall College, St Austell/Camborne

  • Taught and managed 2 BTEC Information Technogy Programs
  • Taught Programming Units on the Foundation Degree and BSc Program

Jan 2016–July 2021

Seasonal Lecturer

Cornwall College, St Austell/Camborne

  • Teaching Visual Programming on the Foundation Degree Program
  • Taught A level Maths and A level Further Maths
  • Taught Microsoft MCP/MCA HTML5/JavaScript on a software apprenticeship program
  • Reviewed course material for potential online degree program

Sept 06–present

Software Developer / Partner

Developing the Java Expression Parser (JEP) a library for parsing and evaluating mathematical expressions. My work has involved creating a configurable parser to enable easy end-user customisation, creating a very fast evaluation system and adding multi-threading and serialization capabilities. The library began as an open-source project and is now being sold commercially. I am one of two partners.

Sept 06–June 2021

Self-employed mathematics tutor/home education teacher

Teaching science classes to groups of home educated students with ages from 7 to 16.

Offering private mathematics tuition to a number of students from 7 to 20. This work has included teaching mathematics a small group of home-educated children and degree level mathematics.

Feb 08–Feb 10

Seasonal Lecturer

Cornwall College, St Austell

Teaching IT and software development courses for a BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners. Duties included developing course material, delivering classes, student assessment, and acting as a personal tutor.

Oct 07–Jan 08


Unlocking Cornish Potential/Ashley PR

Providing mentoring support for a new graduate in a small business, involving creation of a Drupal content management system.

July 01–July 08

Full Time Volunteer/Manager/Trustee

Plants For A Future: Lerryn, Cornwall.

Management roles in developing an education centre for the dissemination of information on useful plants. Roles have included: managing charity finances; preparation of newsletter, annual reports and accounts; running a training/volunteer program; employment of contractors; and the disposal of charity land, raising over £100K for the charity.

Sept 95–Dec 09

Website Manager

Plants For A Future, Lerryn, Cornwall.

Developing and maintaining a website for a registered charity, which was getting over a million page hits per month. Developed an of an online database of plant information initially using CGI and C programs and more recently a PHP/MySQL version which allows community contributions. Developed a CD-ROM version of the database using Access and Visual Basic. Introduced advertising and e-commerce systems which formed the backbone of the charity's income.

Oct 99–July 01

Part Time Tutor

Shipley College, Shipley, Bradford; Training Dept. Leeds City Council; Leeds College of Technology.

Taught courses: C++ (City&Guilds Levels 1–3); Web Page Design (C&G Level 2); Java (C&G Level 3); Key Skills I.T (edexcel); Introductory IT and Basic Skill at the "Big Issue"; Introductory IT at Adult Education classes.

Oct 98–July 00

Research Fellow: Shape Changes in the Human Face

Department of Statistics, University of Leeds

Investigating how the shape of the human face changes through childhood. Involved: extracting geometric features to describe the face via a combination of Perl, C and the statistical language R; working with VRML and other 3D formats; performing statistical analysis of the results; presenting the results of the project at a number of international workshops and conferences.

Nov 96–Sept 98

Research Assistant: Characterizing object trajectories

School of Computer Studies, University of Leeds

Developing techniques to characterize the paths of people walking through car parks, in particular their interactions with other objects. I have developed a novel algorithm based on using landmark data which has shown promising results. This has also involved work on real time tracking systems using active contour models.

May 96–Sept 96

Research Assistant: Image Analysis of X-ray Images

Department of Statistics, University of Leeds.

Developing algorithms for finding detonators in X-ray images of suitcases. Techniques such as morphological operators, Hough transforms and cross-correlations have been combined to produce a fairly quick algorithm which can work on cluttered images. I have also helped in investigations into the curvature of spines.

Nov 93–March 96

Research Assistant: Computer Algebra Support

Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Liverpool.

Developing computer based teaching material for first year mathematics undergraduates. Including the co-writing of one module using the Toolbook package and providing technical support for the computer algebra need of the "Mathwise" program which involves over thirty universities.

Mar 90–Oct 93

Research Assistant: Geometric Software Development

Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Liverpool

Developing software for visualizing a wide variety of mathematical curves and surface, research into 3D geometry and administrating a small network of Unix workstations.

Education and Qualifications

Oct 06–Dec 06

NCFE Level 3, Certificate in Preparation for Business

Truro College, Truro, Cornwall. (Awarded 23/2/07)

Oct 04–June 05

Post Graduate certificate in Education (Post Compulsory Education) PGCE(PCE)

Cornwall College, St Austell / University of Exeter. (Awarded 31/10/05)

Taught classes in Mathematics/Statistics (Access to HE), Web page design, Intermediate and Advanced Excel.
Research project on analysing learning styles through classroom observation.

Oct 03–Dec 03

Certificate in Further Education (City &Guilds 7407 Stage 1)

Cornwall College, St Austell. (Awarded March 04)

Oct 87–Apr 90

Ph.D., Pure Mathematics/Information Technology,

University of Liverpool. (Awarded 17/12/90)

Investigation of various topics in curve and surface geometry using mathematical techniques in singularity theory and experimental investigation with computer graphics.

Oct 86–Sept 87

M.Sc., Pure Mathematics.

Manchester University. (Awarded 4/07/1988)

Oct 83–June 86

B.Sc. grade II(i), Mathematics (Pure Mathematics).

University of Kent at Canterbury. (Awarded 19/07/1986)

Third year dissertation: ``Euler's theorem''. I won a prize for examination results in the first year.

Oct 76–July 83

St Georges School, Harpenden,

A levels: Maths A, Physics A, Further Maths A, Mathematics special paper grade 1. A/O level: Computer Science B. O levels: Maths A, Physics A, Biology B, Chemistry B, Geography B, Economics B, English C.

Computing Skills

Computer Languages:

Java, C, C#, C++, JavaScript, HTML5, SQL, XML, Fortran, Basic, Z80 assembly, Pascal, tk/tcl, Perl, PHP, Python

Other Computing:

MS-Access, Excel, LaTeX, Postscript, Maple, Unix administration.

Other Activities


Research program on generating 3D meshes of mathematical surfaces for 3D. Working with an architect from Austin, Texas


Ki-Aikido Teacher, 2nd Dan. Taught a small class for eight years


Board member, Lerryn Village Website. In 2019 helped oversee a redesign of the website to increase accessibility and bring it up to modern web design standards.


Administrator on Wikipedia. Helped with a project to rework the mathematical formatting system, and fixing syntax errors across all language wikis.


Chair of Los-Samba, a samba band based in St Austell


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