Mathematics tuition in South-East Cornwall

If you ask many people what they think of mathematics you often get a negative impressions. Ask a bit further and you find that they did initally enjoy it but at some point they got left behind at a key stage. In my role as a tutor I aim to find the specific sticking points and help the student overcome their barriers.

I have a wide range of materials an techniques to help stimulate an interest in mathematics from using everyday objects such a measuing a kitchen table to geometric computer programs.

My blog disccuses some of the techniques I've found particulary effective: blog.


My son has just finished his GCSEs and I had a fantastic tutor, Richard Morris, who taught him for 1.5 hours per week for about 12 wks before his exams. From really disliking maths he now really loves it and found his exam straightforward. - Di Baker MentOrg


For more details you can contact me at, or by phone on 01208 872963.


Here are a seletion of online resources which may appeal to home educators in maths and computing.


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