Differentiation console

This console can differentiate expressions. Type diff(x^2,x) to find the derivative.

Jep Extensions

The differentation facilities are part of Jep Extensions a set of add-ons for the Jep mathematical expression parser. They include

Differentiation Symbolic differentiation of expressions
Fields Allow calculations over specific fields such as the rationals.
Fast Evaluation Allows very fast evaluation for double precision, typically 4-5 times faster. This is used by the Implicit plotter applet. It can evaluating (x^2+y^2)^3-4 x^2 y^2 for 250K points in 0.064 seconds, i.e. 220 nano-seconds per evaluation.
MathmlConversion to/from presentation MathML
Simplification removes redundant parts of expression like adding zero or multiplying by 1.
Polynomial Conversion to polynomials. Can be used to compare two polynomials.
Matrices Allows vectors and matrices to be used. Includes a range of vector and matrix functions like determinant and dot product.
Statistical A range of statistical functions
Structured programming Allows block style programming, such as for, while and do loops, as well as java-style if-else blocks.


Number of patches are available for the standard Jep.